Looking for a Gun Dealer that is responsive to your calls? Available when you need one? Well, look no further. Buy a gun from us using our website or from our gun broker auctions.  All guns purchased off our store website http://shop.dsdefense.com and picked up in store have no transfer fees.  

Or transfer one in from another dealer by following the directions below


(for when you ship a gun to us from another dealer)

$35.00 - Transfer Fee for all handguns & long guns
$150.00- Transfer Fee for all NFA items (plus customer pays tax stamp fee, all fees are nonrefundable)
Any applicable sales/use tax for out of state purchases (this includes private party out of state sales)

Additional fees
$10.00 - for each additional handgun or long gun
$100.00- for each additional NFA item


Deep South Defense will make your firearm transfer a quick, efficient and pleasant process. One you will use again and again, maybe even tell your friends about. Here's how it works-

How to purchase and transfer your firearm: 

1: Search our website, the internet and local gun stores to find the type of firearms you would like to purchase. Know what you want; detail, detail, detail. We cannot search for you, but we can help guide you in this process with our knowledgeable sales agents. You will need to determine, Manufacturer's Name, Model Names, Model Numbers, and all other specifics, including, barrel length, size, sights, color, and caliber etc. 

2: If you didn't find it on our website or in our store, email your findings to Contact@DeepSouthFirearms.com. We will see if we can get the firearm you are looking for from one of our large network of  distributors.   It is also helpful if you provide us with a link to a web site page that shows your gun and model number etc. 

You have 3 options:

OPTION A. - Purchase the firearm from our website. When the gun arrives here from our distributor, you can either transfer it here or have it shipped to your FFL. If shipped to your dealer, we require them to send us a signed copy of their FFL license. Send it to Contact@DeepSouthFirearms.com. If your are picking the firearm up at our store we wave all transfer fees except the NFA tax stamp fee.  

OPTION B. - Let us find the firearm for you. (This applies to new firearms only) We will need you to allow us time to secure the firearm that you are looking for and at the price you will accept. We will use our extensive wholesale network to find the firearm you want. If we cannot find it thru our Wholesalers, we will let you know and then gladly transfer one that you purchase in for you. Note: This option does not work for purchases from a private party or for a used gun. We are unable to purchase these for you (use Option A). 

Note: If you choose option B, you will then receive a price quote via Email. The quote it is not yet a sale. If you like our price and decided to purchase the firearm from Deep South Defense, we will ensure that your purchase is an efficient, legal, and a pleasant experience. If you decide to proceed, we will need you to make a deposit or pay the full amount of the purchase. Which amount we use will be a mutual decision between You and Deep South Defense. A minimum deposit of $100.00 is required deposit will be determined based on cost of the firearm. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE WE PURCHASE THE FIREARM FOR YOU, YOU ARE ON THE HOOK FOR THE GUN. If you change your mind, you at that time forfeit your deposit once the firearm is received by Deep South Defense. 
OPTION C.- Purchase the firearm from another the dealer or internet auction and have it sent to us for transfer. The dealer or seller will need to have our FFL number and a certified copy of our license. Send us an e-mail with the information below and we'll take it from there. We need:
  5. Once we get this information we'll send you a NEXT STEPS E-MAIL that helps with appointment setting and describes documentary requirements for the transfer
  6. Once the gun arrives, You can then start your paperwork .
Send the information to Contact@DeepSouthFirearms.com

3: At Deep South Defense, we accept many forms of payment including: Cash, Money Orders, Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover and Debit Cards. We do not accept personal checks or Paypal (they are Anti-Gun). 

4: When you purchase a firearm from Deep South Defense, payment (including state taxes) in full is required prior to delivery of the firearm to you. Transfer  fees are non-refundable. Please make sure you can pass your background check. 

5: We know the paperwork and certifications may feel like overkill, and we certainly appreciate you working with us so that your transaction goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. However the paperwork is necessary to assure that your purchase is in full accordance with Federal ATF , DOJ, and South Carolina state laws. Our goal is to provide you with the very best service available, one that you will use again and again. 

Basic Firearms Safety Rules 

Guns are dangerous! Please know and become properly trained and qualified in the following basic rules of gun safety:

  • Treat all guns as if they are loaded
  • Keep the gun pointed in the safest direction possible
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
  • Know your target, its surroundings, and what is beyond
  • Know how the proper operation your gun
  • Store your gun safely and securely to prevent unauthorized us
  • Guns and ammunition should be stored separately